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Reasons to be cheerful – part two

February 13th, 2012 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Music · No Comments · Life, Music

A couple of other little things made this weekend a little bit special.

Firstly a few CDs arrived on Saturday morning. Last weekend was Kraftwerk weekend on 6 Music, and after that I was moaning on an online forum about how listening to a few shows on iPlayer I tried to track down the first 3 Kraftwerk albums only to find they are not on Spotify or available to buy because they were never released officially on CD. Some kind soul burnt copies of them for me.

I don’t normally indulge in dodgy copies of music, preferring to buy it, download it legally, or stream it legally. In this case I was happy to make an exception becasue it is the only option available and if Klink Klang ever get around to their long-promised remaster and official release I know I’ll buy it

As expected, the first three albums are nowhere near as accessible as the later ones and are quite challenging in parts, but worth it for the really ‘motorik’ parts which I do enjoy a lot.

The other recent development was an email out of the blue asking for permission to use a photo of mine in a book. Although my photos are Creative Commons I do appreciate the courtesy when people tell me they are using them or ask. In this case I had to be involved because the publishers needed a release form signed to make sure everything was above board. Best of all, sometime next year I will get a copy of it when it is published.

It will hardly be a bestseller, being an academic work about the history of architecture, but I find that sort of thing quite interesting anyway, so a bit of a result there.

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