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A question of noise

August 31st, 2013 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 1 Comment · Life

This is the sound of our neighbours at 00:30…

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I’m just wondering whether I am being a miserable old misanthrope for getting annoyed by the sound of people enjoying themselves or if they are being unreasonable? Or are both true?

Fortunately this is out the back so we can’t hear it from our bedroom. It only disturbs me in my study, when I am awake anyway, and doesn’t stop us sleeping (unless it spills out into the street when people make their loud goodbyes later on). Having said that, the back bedrooms in our road are the smaller ones and therefore usually occupied by kids.

A few bits of extra information:

  • This isn’t a one-off. Miserable as I am I can understand that everybody has events every now and then which merit a celebration. This is not a party: just a few people sitting out in their back garden with some friends. Always the same friends by the sound of it.
  • During the summer they have been like this several times in a week, and sometimes several nights in a row, and not always at a weekend.
  • This is only half-past midnight. From experience it gets louder and is still going at 2am.
  • I’m sitting here listening to thrash metal on the PC and the noise is still disturbing me!



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  • Skuds Sister

    Well, considering it is half past midnight on a Saturday its not too awful – if it were a one-off. But to still be going at 2am on any night is pretty inconsiderate. In my experience neighbours like this don’t know/care if you regularly have to get up for work early on a weekend or if, for example, you have grandchildren staying over or are ill.

    On the plus side this is, hopefully, something which will happen less often once the warm evenings end?