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Slim pickings in Gosport

August 20th, 2013 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

On Sunday we went down to Gosport to visit Chrystal.

Readers of this blog who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook might be unaware that Chrystal moved down there recently, having done two amazing things. Firstly she got a 2:2 for her computer science degree and secondly (and arguably more difficult at the moment) she got a good job straight away.

Anyway, she started work in Havant the week after her graduation and found a flat in Gosport. We were visiting to help with a few bits of DIY like putting up curtains and flat-pack furniture. We took the dogs down with us for entertainment, and took them down to the beach first.

While Jayne and Chrystal were out shopping I took the dogs for a walk around the mean streets of Gosport. I don’t think they liked it much. WHen we walk them in Crawley they are forever darting into bushes and coming out with half a sandwich or a chicken bone, or with their nose stuck in a cardboard coffee cup. They always look forward to going past our nearest bus stop because it is like a running buffet for scavenging dogs. I spend the time walking the dogs telling them to leave stuff alone or spit it out and the rest of the time is mostly spent with my hand down a dog’s throat trying to pull out something disgusting.

The boys were denied these simple pleasures because Gosport, or at least the bit of it we were walking throuigh, is devoid of litter. I can’t remember seeing a single scrap of anything.

How does Gosport manage that? How is it that some places are entirely free of rubbish an others are covered in it? I did see a lot of bins. Big ones with ashtrays on the top and labels saying that the bins are for normal litter and dog poo. I also noticed that every street sign has a sticker on saying “no litter. No fouling. Penalties apply”, but I’m sure that can’t be the whole story. Do people litter less there or are the council just very efficient at clearing up? Or is it a bit of both?

Unfortunately it is unlikely that any single thing is what makes the difference. If there was some magic solution to litter then word would get around and every town would be doing it. Maybe it was just because it was a residential area with no fast food places or corner shops around and the rest of the town is swimming in rubbish.

Whatever it is, and even if it is only confined to the area I was in, well done to Gosport from me – but you really upset my doggies.


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