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Bye bye branches

July 2nd, 2015 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Technology · No Comments · Life, Technology

I had an interesting email from Barclays today, inviting me to take part in a trial of paying in cheques via online banking.

Interesting because this is exactly the feature I was saying they should have when I last received a cheque from somewhere. With online banking capable of doing most things and cash available from ATMs everywhere, the only reason I ever had to go into a bank was to pay in cheques, which is quite rare now, but a bit of a pain.

Last time I did it I was wondering why we can’t just take a photo of the cheque with a smartphone and pay it in through the banking app on the same phone, and that seems to be exactly what they are trying.

There is a downside to all this. It removes yet one more reason to go into a bank and so can’t bode well for the prospects of bank staff. It will certainly make it easier to cut down on the number of branches or the numbers of staff.

Despite being enthusiastic about how convenient this could be for me I will not take part in the trial for practical reasons. I get cheques so rarely that the trial will probably be over before I get one, especially since only Barclays cheques are part of it, but I hope it works and gets expanded to cover any cheques.



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