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Kindness of strangers

October 30th, 2017 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

With all the doom, gloom, mayhem, and atrocity in the world at the moment It is worth pointing out that not everybody is bad.

Last week our boy lost his wallet in the leisure park. He only realised when he was sat down to eat with his kids and assumed he dropped it in the arcade, perhaps putting it on top of a machine, but a search of the bowling alley and arcade turned up nothing. He called the bank to get his debit card cancelled and wrote of the forty quid of cash.

Fast forward a day and he gets a call from Santander. They have somebody who has brought his wallet into the bank, but they can’t touch it because it has cash in it, which seems a bit strange. What happened was that somebody found the wallet, but the only ID in there had an out-of-date address on it. They went to that address in Broadfield, twice, to try and give the wallet back, but when it was obvious our boy didn’t live there, they went to the police station, where they couldn’t or wouldn’t help. After all that, they tried the bank that issued the debit card as a last resort.

So Jayne rushed the boy into town where he was reunited with his wallet. All the cash was still in it, and the finder would not take anything as a thank you, despite the amount of effort he went to. He just asked our atheist son to pray for him and didn’t even give his name so all we know is that he is a muslim who works at the leisure park.

I’m sure the Daily Mail would take this as yet another example of foreigners not integrating into our culture and treating it as a £40 bonus, but we were all very chuffed.

Oh, and the wallet was not in the bowling alley but outside, very probably dropped when he popped outside for a smoke so maybe it is just another example of how smoking is bad for you.


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