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Busy weekend

May 7th, 2018 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

We have had a busy and eventful weekend, by our standards.

Now that the local elections are out of the way it is as if a cloud of uncertainty has lifted. The co-incidence of this with some dry weather and our next-door neighbour repairing the fence that blew down means that we have run out of excuses to sort out the garden; so we did several months of gardening.

Fortunately this just means pulling up weeds, but there we filled three garden rubbish bags with them and the front and back gardens now look almost presentable. Anybody would think that my Mother was planning to visit soon…  also fitted a child gate to the outside door frame so we can leave the front door open without having the dogs wander out into the street.

On Saturday Jayne and I went out and booked ourselves in to do a CBT this month, which probably means that the end of the month will see the return of the torrential rain, but after that we will be able to ride 125cc motorbikes and so will have to think about whether to get one. I will keep the 50cc scooter and will probably keep using it for getting around town. By way of practise, I went out for a little ride around most of the Crawley neighbourhoods to try and bump my mileage up so I can get its first service out of the way.

The real downer of the weekend was that, as we left the house on Saturday morning, I noticed that our bicycles were not by the front door where they are supposed to be. Somebody had decided to re-create Vittorio De Sica’s masterpiece and had pinched them. Our own fault possibly for only locking them to each other, but it has put a dent in my plans to start cycling again. I suppose I will have to get a replacement, but I will miss the mighty Vulcan.

Apart from that it has all been good: several games of Age of Empires, a feeling of accomplishment from sorting the garden out,  great pleasure at Labour keeping control of the council, and a CBT to look forward to. Best of all, the weekend isn’t even over yet because there is bonus day off tomorrow for May Day.


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