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July 23rd, 2018 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

An earworm is a song that you just can’t get out of your head. At times when your mind is a blank, the tune keeps popping in your head. At other times you are thinking about something intently and suddenly realise you are humming it. I am partucularly prone to earworms

The thing is, the earworms are getting more strange. For most of June I kept finding myself humming ‘Footballs’s coming home’, which is fine. I think a lot of people were doing the same, but apart from that, I dont always know where they come from.

It used to be that you would hear some song on the radio just before leaving home in the morning and that song would be lodged in your mind all day, but now it can be a bit more oblique. The other day I saw the Pet Shop Boys’ video for West End Girls on an old TOTP. The next day I kept finding myself humming, ot that song, but a completely different PSB song. Sometimes I will just see a photo of Marc Bolan and then I have Jeepster in my head for days. The other day it was an old Genesis album track that I could not dislodge and today I could not get Nour el Ain by Amr Diab out of my head. Quite where my subconscious plucked that from, or how it could maintain it, given that the song is in Arabic so there is no way I can even sing along to it, apart from the chorus, I do not know.

What I really need is a song I can listen to that is guaranteed to knock any earworms out, without itself becoming lodged in my subconscious.


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