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1966 – Good Vibrations

December 19th, 2018 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

There were some good songs out in 1966, that I am very fond of, but none of them made an impression on the 4-year-old Skuds until much later.  How to pick a song to represent the year when you are choosing between Substitute by the Who, many brilliant Beatles songs, I Feel Free by Cream, Hey Joe, Eight Miles High, Sunny Afternoon, Pretty Flamingo and Wild Thing?

The answer is to just go for Good Vibrations, which many people would list as the best single of all time. In fact there was a poll in Mojo magazine where it came top of a poll of best records ever, and that issue of the magazine had a cover-mounted single of Good Vibrations with the CD made to look like a vinyl single. I still have that CD somewhere.

It is a remarkable piece of music, and I would be amazed if I hadn’t heard it and liked it at the time, even if I didn’t know anything about it, because the Beach Boys did get played a lot on the radio.  Back then I would have just liked the tune and the sound of it. Only much later would I have appreciated just what a dense sound it is, seemingly not connected with real instruments. I am still a little surprised when I see film of the Beach Boys playing and see that they just have normal guitars, drums and keyboards – and the theremin of course, but apart from that just normal instruments but combined with the massive harmonies. It still sounds like nothing else so how could I pick anything else to represent 1966?


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