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2000 – Music

March 15th, 2019 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

The year 2000 is another one of those years when I wish I had never started doing this because it wasn’t a great year for music. I hoped for more from the new milennium. Yes I know that, strictly, the millennium starts in 2001 but the general feeling is that it started in 2000. And, by the way, for anybody who is getting bored with all this, I am a bit as well. I hadn’t realised just how many years I have been going!

Anyway, looking at the lists of hit singles of the year and albums that were released, I don’t seem to have many of them. I can’t believe I cut back on buying music, in fact I know I didn’t, but I must have been getting mostly older stuff. Possibly snapping up greatest hits collections or something like that.This was a big year for me personally. I left London Underground after working there for about 6 years. To be honest, it felt like longer because I fell in with a good crowd on the District line and it felt like I had known them for ever. The last couple of years were quite horrid though, with very little to do and just waiting for the inevitable redundancy. Once I got that I just took temp jobs locally to make the payout go further, while applying for jobs that would not require commuting back to London by train.

One of those temp jobs was in Redhill and there was a music shop there called, I think, QVC that had lots of cheap deals on old CDs. They were cheap enough that I could pick up replacements for vinyl albums that I most liked, or greatest hits compilations of bands I liked or of bands I had only heard of but never heard.

Of the albums released in the year I only had a handful: the reformed Steely Dan’s Two Against Nature, Radiohead’s Kid A, Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP, Music by Madonna, the Roger Waters live album In the Flesh and the amazing Arabesque compilation.

Arabesque is a compilation of Arabic artists but is more contemporary than traditional. A lot of the tracks are dance remixes. This was where I first came across Rachid Taha, now sadly deceased. It is another of my favourite compilation albums.

There were a few singles that I bought and a few more that I liked well enough to buy the album instead, like Madonna’s Music and Eminem’s Stan and The Real Slim Shady. Unusually, I think I bought more American music than British in this year including the single Warning by Green Day (the first thing I bought by them. Somehow all their albums up to this point had passed me by) and three singles by Limp Bizkit – Take a Look Around, Rollin’ and My Generation. I also bought the album they were on, but the singles had videos on them and all sorts of other enticements.

Really the least said about 2000 the better. I chose Music by Madonna to go on the playlist because it is a great dance record and the video had Ali G in it. Ali G was another of those things where I connected with the children, albeit on different levels.


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