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Favourite Searches

People come here by various routes. Mostly by following a link on another blog, sometimes by searching specifically for me or for something I write about a lot (shopping trolleys, West Ham, Spizzenergi, Gang of Four, iRiver, etc.) but what really interests and amuses me are those people who get here via a search which I would not have expected. Here are my favourites:

  • fly through restaurant gatwick
    (I would like to see someone taking that idea into the Dragons’ Den!)
  • how do leopards know who their family is?
    (How would I know?  They do a spot check perhaps?)
  • powell cunty school
    (I hope that is a typo)
  • pink floyd concert in a cave in dorset 2007
    (Now I would pay to go and see that!)
  • 89p things
  • what goes with brown trousers
  • well hung blog
    (Nice of you to say so)
  • skuds can u help plz
  • dalek wedding photo
  • server room sewage
  • lesbian 10 some
    (Now that’s just greedy!)
  • pink floyd slippers
  • Send me a pound
  • michael ancram multi-millionaire several houses
  • Crawley best blow job
    (I’m flattered)
  • brother and sister latin musicians influenced by me
    (Someone looking for Rodrigo y Gabriela… but who?)
  • websites giving reviews of sex massage girls guildford
  • Funny pictures of shopping trolleys
  • Conjoined triplets
  • Chinese are funky beavers
  • A load of rubbish
    (They certainly came to the right place!)
  • Fry up in Redhill
  • Frisky business inflatables popping
  • Crawley Town football songs
  • songs for a brother and sister to dance to
  • Royal bowel movements
    (Not only did someone search for that, but the exact string does exist somewhere in this blog!)
  • Duck hitting computer with hammer
  • Photogenic buildings enfield
    (good luck with that one!)
  • Please ban sister
  • Gay scene cramlington
    (Is there one?)
  • Dogging places near portsmouth
    (I can’t remember mentioning them!)
  • Dyson elbow room april 2005
  • Brother sister doing the nasty
    (This is the point where I realised the blog name was a big mistake. ..)
  • Wickford porn
    (Is there such a thing? Photos of women wearing nothing but white boots and burberry caps perhaps?)
  • Cramlington graffiti
    (George Lucas’ less-successful sequel to American Graffiti?)
  • brother and sister deaf gay club
    (Just a little bit specialised?)
  • wallace gromit gay subtext
  • public urination photos
  • sheep shagging instructions
  • homosexual flamenco guitarists
  • west ham bad moment
    (take your pick!!)
  • peter gabriel sainsbury hill
  • pics of my ex girlfriend
    (now why would I have pics of your ex-girlfriend?)
  • love wongablog
    (This was someone in Senagal! Must tell Andrew about it)
  • skuds skates
    (oh no he doesn’t! Not very well anyway)
  • is 38 too old to go clubbing
    (Absolutely. Stay at home in front of the fireplace)
  • sheep shagging photos
    (This query was from someone with a New Zealand IP address)
  • Malaysian civil servants are a complacent lot

More will be added as they crop up, but already its looking like I may be attracting the wrong crowd!