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To tweet or not to tweet?

July 29th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · 3 Comments · Technology

The new phone has all sorts of features.  Most of them are defined by initials, some of which I understand but many I don’t.  It has wi-fi, GPS, 3G, DLNA, UMTS, HSUPA and HSDP for a start.  For all I know it has LOL and NSFW too.  One thing I do know is that the contract it is on gives me 500 texts per month, which is about 450 more that I have ever sent in a month.

I still can’t understand how the younger generation in this house consider that 500 texts a month is not enough, so I am thinking I might use some of my texts to tweet on twitter.  I think that means I will then be a twat.  I already have an acocunt, set up so I could follow realnickgriffin, and I think I have got my mobile pointing at it.  For some reason I already have 5 followers, even though I have been resolutely in read-only mode and never posted anything.

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  • Andrew

    You’d be agreeing with David Cameron there…

  • skud's sister

    Odd thing is that we were listening to that interview on the way into work this morning.

    (By the way, I hope that you having a Twitter ‘acocunt’ is just a typo….)

  • Skuds

    As it happens, I really think that the past participle for “tweet” should be “twat” – even if only for the third person plural.

    Mind you, when SCSI first came out and was a novelty I thought that it woiuld end up being pronounced “Secsi” and not “scuzzy”

    And yes… it was a typo. Tired fingers and brain, but it has a certain ring to it