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We got ourselves a convoy

February 22nd, 2019 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I went to my first biker’s funeral today. It wasn’t somebody I knew, but he was the husband of one of Jayne’s friends from her motorbike women’s group and from the Horsham motorbike group on Facebook. First of all we met up with the Horsham lot at Pease Pottage then rode down to Handcross where the deceased lived, to find the close already full of people and bikes.

I regret not meeting John, because he was obviously very popular, with all the neighbours turning out as well as family and friends. The coffin turned up in a sidecar hearse and that led the way to the crematorium on Balcombe Road, with his wife riding pillion, while a friend rode his Triumph Bonneville alongside. We followed up in a convoy of at least 30 bikes, which turned a few heads and bemused a few drivers trying to come out of side roads.

Amongst all the 1800cc BMWs, 1200cc Triumphs, Harley Davidsons and big Kawasakis and Suzukis we tried to blend in with our 125s and L plates – the only two L plates in the procession.

All very impressive. Its a shame Jayne or I won’t have the same thing because we have decided to not have funerals and just go for direct cremation. I don’t think either of us could handle a funeral so we’ll skip that and maye just have a party or something.

The funeral today was for somebody about four months younger than me. He got diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas and died at the end of January. I may frequently feel sorry for myself with my own cancer and all the annoying side-effects of chemotherapy, but today reminded me that I am actually one of the lucky ones because if I get through the operation in about six weeks I should be cured. I spent the ride home counting my blessings.

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