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2007 – Thou Shalt Always Kill

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Either not a lot happened in music in 2007 or I just can’t remember it. There were only a couple of albums released in the year that registered much with me and very few singles. Looking at the list of songs from the year on Wikipedia it seems like half the singles were by somebody-I-don’t-know featuring somebody-else-I-don’t know.

The only single I can remember buying was Starz In Their Eyes by Just Jack. A tremendously catchy tune. I can also remember rather liking the James Blunt single 1973 when I heard it on the album Jayne bought.2007 saw yet another new project from Damon Albarn release the self-titled album The Good, The Bad and The Queen. Albarn is a prolific collaborator. I get the feeling he is one of those very creative people like Les Claypool or Prince, but unlike them he channels it all through projects with other people rather than solo work. He has been involved in loads of albums by Blur, Gorillaz, and various African music projects but only gone solo for one album. I didn’t actually buy this album, but liked what I heard of it.

Another person with overactive creative juices is Neil Finn. After Split Enz and Crowded House he did some solo albums, then recorded as a duo with his brother Tim, and ended up doing an album with his wife under the name Pajama Club, and had his 7 Worlds Collide project as well. In 2007 he got Crowded House back togehter and released Time On Earth. There is nothing wrong with it, but there aren’t any songs on it that I connect with particularly. Coming after the death of Paul Hester it is quite a sad album.

One thing I can remember about 2007 is going to the Croydon World Party for the last time, and taking Jayne along because this time round she was actually not working weekends. We saw the Soul II Soul Sound System and Jimmy Cliff but it rained quite a lot and the curry tent was not as good as previous years. Obviously Jimmy Cliff is a legend, but he didn’t half milk his appearance, taking forever to appear on stage while somebody hyped him up.

My song of the year is one that I didn’t buy but have since streamed a lot. I saw the video of it and watched that online a lot at the time. It is Thou Shalt Always Kill by Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. There is an immediate appeal in the humour of the lyrics but Scroobius Pip has some substance behind him that makes it more than a novelty record. He has a podcast and a book that contains some of the best bits from it, which I have read, and I have heard him as a guest on other podcasts and he is a very engaging character. The whole song is one big rant about not being forced to conform, all over a repetitive electronic backing track, and as soon as I heard it I knew it was one of my favourite songs ever.

Here it is, in case you missed it…

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