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Police actually getting involved in pavement parking

December 19th, 2022 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

On Saturday, down in Hampshire I actually saw some Police involvement in pavement parking. Unfortunately their involvement was entirely to help somebody park their car on the pavement.

What happened was that a car broke down just before a junction, and in front of a Police car. The coppers, with the help of another car driver, helped to push the car across the road and onto the pavement opposite.

The thought process was obviously “this car is causing an obstruction. Better get it out of the way.” Which sort of makes sense, but the unconscious thought was equally obviously “this is either going to cause an obstruction for cars or for pedestrians and pedestrians are less important than drivers, so let’s bung it on the path.

There was room to get past it, but probably a lot less when an AA or RAC van had to pull in behind it.

The real kicker is that this was right next to a BP petrol station and opposite a Premier Inn, so it could just as easily have been pushed into the hotel car park or the garage forecourt, which are both actually designed for cars.


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