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New Job!

January 24th, 2005 · Posted by Skuds in Work · No Comments · Work

Typical. I have been wanting to change jobs for ages, and Jayne decided to change over the Christmas holidays, handed in her notice on her first day back and started a new job a week later. The trigger for this was that she worked in a school, so was therefore an employee of the County Council, but she wants to stand for election as a County Councillor and can’t do that if she is an employee. It does help that the school job paid so little that just about anything would pay more.

This new job should pay more, but she seems to be working an enormous number of hours, starting at 7:00 am and getting home at 9:30 pm. She is not working all the way through, but its still a long day. I am hoping it will settle down into a routine, but at the moment there is a lot of shift-swapping and last-minute changes.

The downside, for the kids, is that I will have to cook more now. Maybe that will be good for them because I serve up portions about half the size they are used to.
This weekend it also meant that she was working all day on Charlie’s birthday, so we took him out for dinner on Friday and let him have his presents then.

That was fun. I bought him an Eye Toy, which is a sort of webcam for the Playstation which lets you play games by being in them. At first he thought it was a karaoke game, and didn’t really understand what it was all about. By Sunday he was complaining that his arms hurt from waving them about to play the games.

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