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BNP – Again

March 24th, 2005 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · No Comments · Politics

I have been reading the little leaflet which the BNP delivered this week. I knew it would be full of poisonous untruths and general bollocks, but even so was amazed by what they are expecting people to believe – and a little dismayed to think that some people will believe it.

It starts with the assertion that the police, prison service and the medical profession all agree that paedophiles are incurable. Its difficult for anyone to deny this without sounding as if they are defending paedophiles, but really it is utter rubbish. It is not a disease. OK, maybe some have mental problems and their crimes are a symptom, but not all.

Better than that is the suggestion that MPs are trying to legalise child sex!

There is then a little bit about what measures the BNP would like to see, followed by, at the bottom of the screen, “Support us in our campaign to restore our children’s freedom and safety. Bring back capital punishment.”

Hmm… they don’t actually say they want to have child molesters killed, but the implication is there.

The most laughable bit of the page is the way “pro-homosexual propaganda” is mentioned as a contributory factor. I know a fair few gays, and believe me, children is not what they are interested in!

Maybe the most worrying part of it all though, is that phrase “our children”. I really don’t like to think that these BNP people are reproducing. What sort of life is it for a child to grow up in a house with such bigotted, small-minded, and ignorant people who can jump on a bandwagon even faster than Michael Howard?

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