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Vote blue get red, white & blue?

May 15th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 4 Comments · Politics

Fortunately that is not the case everywhere, but there still seems to be a significant number of BNP supporters hiding within the Conservative ranks, as the story of the Rev Robert West shows. In a statement, Mr West said:

"I have decided to seek refuge from political correctness by applying for asylum with the British National Party – Britain's finest and most decent party – in our country's hour of need."

I referred to him as "Mr" with some justification, as he became a reverend by founding his own church, and subsequently running the Christian Council of Britain – a known front organisation for the BNP.  The BBC story mentions that Mr West was suspended from the Tory party, but in fact he was re-instated while being investigated.  His local Conservative association said that they believed him when he said he was going to BNP meetings to preach the bible to them. 

What made West jump before he could be pushed was the new Tory 'A List' of candidates. I suppose its a good sign that Cameron's more progressive public image is flushing some of the closet nutters out of his party, but is there a danger of the BNP becoming the Tories' SDP if too many of the die-hards decide they have had enough?  I don't think so. I think that the majority will stay in the party in the hope of steering it in the 'right' direction after an electoral success.

The other reason why the BNP or UKIP will not do to the Tories what the SDP did for Labour is that it is a lot easier to persuade members to leave a party which is seen to be drifting to an extreme position for a more centrist party than to leave for a more extreme party, and also because the extreme right-wing nutter is spoilt for choice.

Mr West was previously a lecturer in political philosophy and equal opportunities law and sat on his county's Racial Equalities Council…

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  • Kerron

    The right title is actually “Cllr” not “Mr” – although I am sure we all have a few names of our own for Rev West.

    As I said in my blog, please do try to bear in mind that this guy in no way reflects the views of Christians living in the UK. He speaks for himself and no-one else. Thanks.

  • Skuds

    The BBC web site calls him “Mr” 🙂

    The methodist church issued some very strong statements to distance themselves from the so-called Christian Council of Britain, and I’m sure all the other churches have too.

    I can’t imagine anyone mistaking him for a Christian.

  • Paul Burgin

    Well some in the media would like to confuse the issue. That’s why Kerron and I possibly get a bit jumpy on things like this!

  • Skuds

    Every organisation has the odd rotten apple, which the media (and the public, and political rivals) either consiously or subconciously, associate with that organisation.

    The bloke is possibly no more representative of the Tory party than of Christianity… although he might be representative of a significant minority of racist nutters hiding within the Tory party.