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The Oregon Vortex

October 6th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 3 Comments · Life

Thanks to a passing reference in Robert Rankin‘s new book, The Toyminator, what I learned today is about the existence of a place called The Orgeon Vortex. It is a place where the normal laws of physics do not apply, according to the publicity.

Sadly, some of the mystery is taken out of it through having had an education and knowing that there must be a trick somewhere, and Wikipedia and SandLot Science both explain a bit about what the tricks are. It turns out to be a variation of the optical illusion called an Ames Room. There used to be one of these in London’s Science Museum, maybe there still is, and the same sort of thing featured on a Status Quo album cover and in one of Squeeze’s videos. (Possibly it was for Hourglass).

But who cares if it is just a trick? I absolutely love magicians. I could watch Jerry Sadowitz doing his close-up magic all day, but I don’t believe there is any magic involved – just skill and science – but the willing suspension of disbelief makes it brilliant entertainment.

For that reason, I really fancy going to Oregon now, just to see this Vortex. Following links on the SandLot site I also ended up at Knott’s Berry Farm in LA which seems to have a really cool ghost display, which wasn’t there the last time I went. I’m not sure its worth the huge expenditure in carbon emissions it would take to get me there, but it makes Alton Towers look like Peter Pan’s Playground in Southend.

But I’m rambling now…

(PS. I just checked. The Status Quo album was On The Level. See the cover here.)

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  • B4L

    Believe it or not, I met Mr. and Mrs. Rankin a few weeks back at the local pub quiz, joined their team of two (my regular companions couldn’t make it that evening), and we came 2nd, winning 6 little Becks. Even had a conversation about blogging, he being something of a sceptic.

  • Skuds

    I knew he was a local to Brighton. I get the feeling that he would be good company in a pub.

  • Andrew

    I visited the Oregon Vortex a few years ago. I was sixteen and still enamoured with the paranormal, so made my parents double back 20 miles when I discovered the leaflet 🙂 I never really understood what was so magical about the place – I had trouble working out what was supposed to happen that didn’t – but the optical illusions were pretty impressive. I just found a few photos; shall try to write it up later.