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And they’re off!

March 26th, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 4 Comments · Politics

The local election campaign kicks off this week and, as always, there is a little extra surprise supplied by Crawley.

At the very last minute Crawley council’s very own invisible man, Mike Weatherly, has quit so there will be a by-election at the same time as the regular scheduled elections, and the other parties have to find an extra candidate at the last minute.

Its a nice tactic, and I’m sure we would have done the same. Its also just about the only thing Mike Weatherly has done where the main benefit is to someone other then Mike Weatherly. You do have to wonder why he bothered to stand at all last year if he was going to give up going to council meetings after a few months.

Speculation at the time was that he was rather hoping to grab the nomination for the Crawley parliamentary elections and had no real interest in Crawley council or his constituents except as the means to an end. Following that theory, now that the Crawley nomination has gone to Henry Smith and Weatherly is lined up for a Brighton seat there is no need to keep up the pretense any more so he is off.

Delaying his departure until the eve of the local election campaign is about the only selfless act he has committed, but even there the beneficiary is only the local Tory party and certainly not the Furnace Green voters.

Other councillors have found their circumstances change after taking office and have had to move away or work away, but in this case I get the impression he has always been an absentee councillor, qualifying by owning a property here, but still living on the coast. The real shame is that its not even that far away – we have had councillors living or working hundreds of miles away who still managed to attend more meetings.

It looks like the voters would have been a lot better off with Eugene after all – as we all knew they would. I spoke to him tonight; he is vaguely amused by the goings-on.

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  • Richard

    As I see it, Weatherley was brought in as a ‘professional con.’ to bring the ‘amateur cons’. together as a team – ‘fire them up’ like any good ambitious door-to-door salesman.

    It worked – the cons. grabbed power.

    The question is : Will his departure help the Labour Party ?

  • Richard

    And an early BNP leaflet through our door this evening – the first of many I fear (1st Rule of Propaganda – Repetition) :

    “Do you think that the green belt should be protected – not concreted over just to provide homes for immigrants ?

    “The root cause of housing demand is undesired mass immigration, causing overspill from the cities (‘white flight’)…

    “BNP – Defending Our Freedom Of Speech

    “Crawley Needs The BNP”.

    Crawley needs the BNP like a hole in the head.

    The BNP is a racist party – period.

    Here in Ifield, there are a number of racists – so BNP is the hole they can crawl into.

    Here in Ifield, instincts tell me the BNP are targeting the community of Ifield West – an area threatened with 2500 houses on its doorstep (ie Ifield Golf Course).

    The twisting of truths to suit their racist agenda (‘immigrants’ this year) is disgusting.

    We have to oppose this sick disgrace in any way we can – one reason why I’m standing as an Independent in Ifield.

    Don’t under-estimate these dangerous people.

  • Danivon

    Joining the UAF Richard?

  • Richard

    You know me, Owen, fiercely Independent.

    So, no, I won’t be joining United Against Fascism – but, as you know, I am sympathetic to their cause.