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August 27th, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Politics/Work · 2 Comments · Politics, Work

On Friday night I was up in London for some drinks with a gang of old work colleagues from London Underground. I was asking some of those who still work for LU, LT or TfL what they think about the prospect of having Boris Johnson as their ultimate boss instead of Ken.

One thought it might be a laugh, but most seemed to think it would not be a good idea and that Boris would treat London Underground like a vast train set. Even those who thought that Boris might be fun admitted that he wouldn’t have a clue what to do, but thought it would not matter because he would bring in advisors to help him.

Perfectly true, but what qualifications would these advisors have? Would he look for recognised experts in the transport field or would he look no further than the old-boys’ network and get some Eton and Bullingdon Club chums in?

There are enough people in London openly saying that it might be fun to have Boris in charge for me to again congratulate myself on moving out of London, and be thankful I don’t need to rely on tubes any more.

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  • Reidski

    While we may live in a country which is obsessed with the likes of Big Brother, X Factor and all that shite, I really don’t think we are daft enough to vote in a right-wing nutter like Boris Johnson as mayor of our city!

  • Skuds

    You think?
    For years he has not been presented as a right-wing nutter but as a lovable rogue/silly old duffer.