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October 17th, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Music · 3 Comments · Music

While I am waiting for the free stuff from Amazon to arrive I am keeping myself occupied listening to a new CD I just downloaded – also for free.

It is the second disc of a double-CD, and I will get the first disc tomorrow with a copy of the NME. It is all in aid of Love Music Hate Racism and their attempt to counter the BNP’s recent attempts to try recruiting in schools.

(See the Wealden UAF site for more info)

Do go and download the free CD, whatever you do – it has a track off Manu Chao’s new album so you can all see what I keep raving about. Right now I am getting seriously hooked on the New Young Pony Club track on there.

It is a little annoying that the download is a single 50-minute mp3, but I reckon it won’t take too long to chop it into separate tracks with Audacity.


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  • Roger rabbit

    I’m soooo excited cos Manu Chao’s new album is free, what will mummy and daddy say when I play it loud……I might even do the clenched fist salute while it’s on….really, really cool man.

    That will really show those horrible BNP.

    Come in planet earth !!!

  • Nimrod

    The value of shares in Pears Soap will plummit ..

  • Nimrod

    In this hear(sic) radio interview with Tommy Boyd as ref, I’m afraid to say that your Weyman Bennett did not come across too well against the BNP’s Simon Darby.
    Oh dear, oh dear . . .

    Global News Talk with Tommy Boyd 16.02.09
    February 17th, 2009 — playradiouk
    Tommy persuades Weyman Bennett from the campaign organisation “Unite Against Fascism” to share a microphone with Simon Darby, Deputy Leader of the British National Party. They don’t hit it off. But who comes out best? You be the judge. Radio you won’t hear anywhere else.

    -all the bust 2u, Owld Nimmy .. X.