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July 20th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 2 Comments · Life

To answer Danivon’s question about whether the overgrown-ness at Broadfield Park is really that bad, here are two photos of the same place: the ornamental arch.  Admittedly they are from different ends.  The first picture was taken in April 2007 and the second was taken today.

When I first saw this I thought how great it must be for kids exploring the place.  Even as an adult I was tempted to run through it – not something I would want to do now without serious protective clothing.


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  • skud's sister

    Don’t know why but I am vaguely reminded of the old school cross country course. I always used to think mud-alley was misnamed – although it was sometimes muddy it always seemed to have nettles…

  • Skuds

    My abiding memory of mud alley is the mud. It was always a pleasure to ford the river afterwards to wash it all off.

    Pointless if, like me, you manage to take a detour on the final leg and end up waist-deep in a pile of silage.

    Happy days eh?