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That Ain’t The Way To Behave

July 27th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 10 Comments · Life

Sometimes you just want to stick two fingers up to the world and everybody in it, and what better way to do it than this?

Don’t you just feel that here is a 4×4 driven by somebody whose only regret in life is that his car isn’t big enough to block three disabled spaces at one?

Just to clarify the rules for Mr. VF07 UKX, the last time anybody checked, chronic selfishness wasn’t listed as a disability that entitles you to a blue badge.

We are used to seeing abuse and blatant abuse of the disabled spaces in this car park, but this one had even the jaded residents of Broadfield doing double-takes as they passed.

On the plus side: until I saw this I didn’t even know that Audi did a 4×4.  You learn something every day don’t you?

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  • Hiro

    There are no words….

  • Danivon

    There are many words. However, most of them so rude that using them will make a certain councillor run to the local papers when he thinks that Skuds is calling him a c**t.

  • Hiro

    It’s a fine old English word. I don’t know why people get so up tight about it. You can’t call a person a cunt but you can get away with being religious and condemning gays

  • Skuds

    “There are no words”? Reminds me of the last verse of this poem

    The whole topic of swear words, or to be more accurate in this case, taboo words, is terribly arbitrary and subject to fashion. Something perfectly acceptable and commonplace can become unmentionable a century later, and vice versa.

    The strange thing is how using the work ‘cock’ as a derogatory noun is now getting more common -thanks to Top Gear – following in a time-honoured tradition of using male genitals as a term of abuse (eg ‘knob’ or ‘dick’).

    Do we blokes say that it demeans our gender?

    A fascinating topic, about which several good monographs have probably been written.

  • Hiro

    My hubby used this poem at our civil partnership.
    The registrar was in tears.

  • Skuds

    Priceless. Far more original than us (The music at our wedding was Steve Hackett’s version of Your Own Special Way, Van Morrison with Have I told You Lately, and something else that was not very memorable)

  • Hiro

    I read the words of Queen’s “Teo Torriatte” with the Japanese words. At the end I asked if anyone recognised where the words had come from….our best mate piped up….”Tenko?”

  • ian irvine

    And the story and photos- duly accredited- appear in the Crawley Observer!
    I wonder if the car driver’s read it yet, and how he/she will feel when they do.

  • Richard

    And not just in the Crawley Observer…

    If I was the Audi 4×4 driver, I’d be very tempted to take myself – and my car – on an immediate holiday around Europe…and there sell my 4-wheeler.

    But, knowing some human specimens in Crawley, the drver might well enjoy the ‘local celebrity’ status – like an idiot kid with an ASBO.

  • Skuds

    I remember Teo Torriate. I had that album and can still remember the Japanese lyrics even though I can’t really recall the English ones.

    That’s two weeks running I’ve had photos in the Obby. The pressure is on for the hat-trick. Next week I’ll have pictures of my bike after an Audi runs it off the road… 😉