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Roadworks on Woodman's Hill, Aug 6th 2008

Roadworks on Woodman's Hill, Aug 6th 2008

While walking back from the shops today I noticed that there are some roadworks on Woodman’s Hill.  Dare we hope that these are the long-overdue traffic-calming measures that were part of the S106 planning conditions on the Highwood Park development?

Just after that previous post I got a tip-off from Jim McGough that this work was being scheduled for the summer when the schools broke up.  I didn’t get my hopes up because there have been so many false alarms, and when the schools broke up and nothing happened for a couple of weeks I was resigned to it.

But this looks encouraging. I have not had a close look, so it could just be work on water mains or something, but I think it really is the mini-roundabout.  At least two years later than it was supposed to be done, but better late than never eh?

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