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August 21st, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

I am, perhaps surprisingly, feeling quite positive about the London Olympics.  It is fashionable to don the traditional British cloak of cynicism and assume they will be an unmitigated disaster: the facilities will not be finished in time, and will be crap, there will be organisational chaos, and the opening ceremony will be underwhelming and naff. Of course we will not have the resources that China had to spend on facilities, but it is not a competition.  And with opening ceremonies bigger is not necessarily better. There were similar panics about Beijing, that it would be so smoggy and polluted the athletes would struggle to perform, and everyone expected the Athens games to take place in an unfinished stadium, but they both turned out OK.  In fact I was feeling really good about 2012.  Until today.

Seeing some of the proceedings today I realised that the biggest risk to the London games is likely to be the weather.  One day of rain in China has caused several events to get postponed by a day, making it a race to get all the events done before the closing ceremony.  If we get a summer like this one in four years time we are stuffed!   I can’t remember seeing a roof on the plans for our stadium…

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