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Zoe & Robert

Zoe & Robert

It has been a big weekend, with two late nights.  On Saturday Jayne and I went to the middle of nowhere for a family wedding and then tonight I took Frankie up to London for some live comedy.The wedding was my cousin Robert, who is also my godson.  I don’t think I have every done anything godfatherly which seems to have been the right thing to do as he has turned out to be an admirable young man.  I am basing this opinion his friends.  He moved from his village in Essex to Surrey quite a while ago and most of his old crowd from Essex turned up at the wedding as well as all his new gang from Surrey.   They were both lively crowds and I figured Robert must be doing something right to have made so many good friends.

The family photo

The family photo

Not only that, but you could tell he was truly happy with his new wife, Zoe.

It was good to see that part of the family again as well.  The way things are I very rarely see my cousins, in fact I don;t think I saw Robert at all since his Dad’s wedding ten years ago.  I do’t think we are a particularly close family…  its not that we don’t like each other, just the opposite, we just don’t live in each others’ pockets all the time.

I know it will not be so long until we see everybody again.  For a start, Jayne and I intend to have a big party on out 10th anniversary to renew our vows.  This is to make up for the fact that we married almost in secret with no family there at all.

Jayne didn’t fancy two late nights in a row, so I took Frankie up to London to see the comedy night at the Lyric, Hammersmith.  I decided to drive there because it has been a while since I drove in London, also to avoid the depressing late-night train scenario.  It worked well on the way home – only took an hour to get back from Hammersmith, door-to-door.

Getting there was another matter.  The plan had been to get up there, grab something to eat and then go to the show, but we ended up getting there just in time for the start.  I had forgotten that traffic in London on Sunday evening is worse than Crawley during the rush hour!

It all worked out in the end though, and it was worth all the hassle to see Al Murray live.  Also on the bill were Wilson Dixon, Naz Osmanoglu, Alistair McGowan and Richard Herring.  They were all good, although the problem I am having with Alistair McGowan is that I don’t always get the joke.  Since I stopped watching TV much I find that I don’t recognise half the impressions he is doing, but I’m sure they are as spot-on as the ones I do recognise.

All in all a good weekend.  I don’t feel very relaxed though.

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