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Wabi, Horsham

July 10th, 2010 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

Saturday’s Guardian has a review of the new Wabi restaurant in Horsham’s East Street.  I don’t think they liked it.  When the phrase “it reeks of death” appears in the opening paragraph you sense that the rest of the review will not go well.The Guardian review doesn’t put me off though – as I don’t eat fish I wasn’t likely to be going into a place with a menu dominated by fish anyway. It is pretty damning, but half the criticism seems to be down to the waiting staff not being familiar with what everything on the plate is, which is perhaps understandable as it has just opened and the place is staffed with local people who are still learning an alien cuisine.

The writer should appreciate that anybody can make a mistake: these are new staff learning a whole new range of foods.  It is not like they are a professional writer who uses “bought” when they mean to say “brought” or anything like that…

Wabi is the kind of place you’d go for a treat. Today, there’s a special Father’s Day lunch, so I have bought my 16-year-old daughter, Maya.

The substantive criticism is that you pay over the odds for what you are getting, but in a way that is a sort of selling point for the more up-market places in Horsham so probably won’t do them any harm.  Wabi will fit right in and probably thrive.

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