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Holiday fever

September 7th, 2011 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 3 Comments · Life

I think I should take more holidays. If I did then I would not get so absurdly excited about it when I do go anywhere. As it is Jayne and I are practically stopping strangers in the street to tell them we are going away.

Our last overseas holiday was a week in Crete in August 2009. Only two years ago but it seems a lot longer. I can’t remember when we last went anywhere for two whole weeks, but that is what we are just about to do.

The big question is how much technology to take. Certainly not the laptop. That can stay here for the kids to use while they are house-sitting. Part of the appeal of a holiday now is to get away from it all, including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and email plus newspapers and television. We will probably take our phones if only to use as alarm clocks and to call a taxi from Gatwick when we return but I’ll certainly make sure all the roaming data stuff is turned off.

Can’t totally get away from gadgets though. I’ll take my mp3 player and e-book reader with all the PG Wodehouse that I have downloaded ready for the trip. I might take the Flip video recorder since it is nice and compact but I’m still undecided about the big camera. I’m kind of inclined to just take my compact camera and leave the DSLR at home.

All I know for sure is that after Saturday its going to be pretty quiet here unless the sister posts anything.

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  • skud's sister

    I might do (just to fill the silence) if I can remember how….. If I do you may get back to find you have been taken over by the tree-huggers!

    • Skuds

      Or… I could do a few timed posts. I think you can do that on WordPress: write something with delayed publication like little hand grenades where I pull the pin and they go off when I am a safe distance away.

      I could try some ambitious hostages to fortune like a post congratulating West Ham scheduled to be published 5 minutes after the final whistle.

      • danivon

        It’s easy to do it on wordpress. I did it when I was putting up videos for candidates in the last election, as I got all the videos and copy at once and was going away for the weekend. Rather than put them all up so the last few disappeared below the fold, I had them trickle out one or two a day.

        Mind you, all that wizardry and we didn’t gain any seats.