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Bigotry in Broadfield?

May 31st, 2012 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 1 Comment · Politics

I’m hearing some worrying things from my old stamping ground of Broadfield. Apparently the sunday school at the church there has some sort of letter condemning homosexuals that they are trying to get the children to sign. It all sounds a bit brainwashy to me, but then so does the whole idea of sunday school and religion itself. I haven’t seen the letter and only know about it from a couple of the kids who refused to sign it. It may be that it is a petition rather than a letter and it could be about gay marriage rather than homosexuality itself (like this one) but still…

Despite being a strident atheist, I have a lot of time for many aspects of the churches, but not when they veer into such intolerance. Is this peculiar to the Broadfield church or are they all doing the same thing across the town?


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  • James Doyle

    Perhaps appropriately, the anti-spam word I had to enter was dawkins!
    I agree, this it’s potentially worrying; I heard a similar story relating to a petition against gay marriage in stbalbans from my brother, but there the churchgoer concerned was circulating it around her son’s (non-church) football team.
    While I can see that religious parents might want to protect their children from something they see as immoral (although I disagree that it is immoral, obviously), it is surely crossing a line to jnvolve them in protest or othrr action about something which does not impinge directly on them