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Entries from September 2nd, 2018

Keeping Crawley Open House open

September 2nd, 2018 · Comments Off on Keeping Crawley Open House open · Life, Politics

There was a bit of a shock in the West Sussex county council’s new forward plan when it was published this week. The wording is all quite bland and might not sound like much, but the implications are that several services in the county will not be able to afford to continue, including the Crawley […]

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Camel Balls

September 1st, 2018 · Comments Off on Camel Balls · Life

One good thing I did see in Waterlooville was the sweet shop, which had these in the window.. I really can’t imagine somebody saying to their kids “if you eat all your greens I’ll let you suck some camel balls after dinner”.

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Ghost Town

September 1st, 2018 · Comments Off on Ghost Town · Life

Jayne and I went to Waterlooville today to visit Chas and see how he is settling into married life and see his new house. In some ways it seems like a nice enough place, but it has one of the most depressed and depressing town centres I have ever seen. The population of the town […]

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