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Another disaster

August 17th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Music/Technology · No Comments · Music, Technology

A couple of weeks ago I had a slight mishap with my trusty old iRiver.  While it was in my overnight bag en route to Doncaster it got bumped and the clip broke off of the remote control.

This might sound trivial, but it was so convenient to leave the MP3 player in an inside pocket and just control it from the remote, handily clipped to somewhere accessible.  Without the clip the remote will just be a weight dragging on the earphones so I have to rely on using the the controls on the main unit.  I might as well be using an iPod!

I always used to pity the iPodders having to take the larger unit out to jump tracks or change volume and having to look at it as well to check what the single multi-function control wheel was controlling. I knew exactly where all my buttons were by touch and what they all did and was perfectly happy.

Now after a couple of weeks I am starting to get used to using the main unit's controls – after re-learning what they were: I hadn't used them for two years, such was my reliance on the remote.  Fortunately the machine is usually left in shuffle mode and I tend not to interfere, but just let it play whatever it randomly wants to from its 9,000 tracks.

Still… I am seriously tempted to get some superglue and attach a clip from an old ID badge. It might look stupid but I think function is more important than looks if it comes down to a choice. Lets face it, thats why I got an iRiver in the first place – I wanted the best player rather than the prettiest.  I should be thankful that it all still works perfectly. I have had it about 30 months, used it for a couple of hours nearly every day during that time and its still as good as when I got it with a battery life lasting all week.

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