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Foxed by Firefox

May 5th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · 2 Comments · Technology

yesterday I downloaded a bit of freeware called PDF Creator.  It’s very good, doing exactly what it is supposed to – taking a file (Word document for example) and turning it into a PDF file.  I do have Adobe Acrobat Professional at work for that sort of thing but its a drag having to email files to work, convert them there and then email them home again – also not entirely straigthforward since the version of MS Word at work is seven years behind the one at home.

Only problem is that it has done things to Firefox that I can’t undo.The software installed a toolbar on Firefox, which is fine: I can hide that and may want to use it someday if I need to PDF a web page.  I am more worried by the other changes.

Search Engines
The install added Yahoo to the list of search engines in Firefox. No problem there – an extra search engine does no harm even if I am unlikely to use it.  What is a problem is that it now defaults to Yahoo and I can’t work out/remember how to change the default back to what I want (wikipedia usually).  It is so long since I originally set up FF I have probably forgotten more about it than I currently know.

Saving tabs
Beofre this install, when I closed Firefox down I was asked it I wanted to just quit or to save the tabs and quit.  About half the time it suited me to save the tabs so that the next time I opend it up all the same tabs would be open.  Very handy if you are in the middle of a few things.

Now I do not get the option, and I can’t find out how to get it back.

It is possible, of course, that this is not all down to installing a new program.  It could have been an update of Firefox: there seems to be a new update of it at least once a week lately.  I am currently on version 3.0.10 and if anybody has any suggestions I’ll be glad to hear them!


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  • Gert

    for the second one, Tools Options Tabs ?

  • Skuds

    That just makes it always open with the last set of tabs – it doesn’t give a choice.
    Apparently the right answer is to go into about:config and change the value for browser.warnonquit – but that doesn’t work.

    Sorted the first thing out though – had to delete a directory.