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Spizz Trekkin’

May 3rd, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Music · 6 Comments · Music

Spizzenergi’s classic single Where’s Captain Kirk? and its sequel Spock’s Missing are now available from Cherry Red Records as a download-only single called Spizz Trek.  Only £1.50 for both songs together. Bargain.

It is like everything is coming round full circle.   When Kirk came out in 1979 it was to tie in the film Star Trek:The Motion Picture, and now the re-release is to tie in with the JJ Abrams re-boot of the franchise.

Of course, real fans will complain that the third part of the trilogy (Final Frontier on the Spikey Dream Flowers album) is not part of the package.  I suspect that is contractual though – that was on A&M Records.  Anyway – still a bargain.

Don’t even think about going to see Spizzenergi at the 100 Club this month though.  Apparently the tickets sold out in 4 minutes  – a lot of interest in the headliners, New York Dolls.


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  • skud's sister

    Very much looking forward to seeing the new film. We are going to see it at the local IMAX (but not going as far as my friend Maz who will be going for the midnight showing, in starship uniform……..)

  • Skuds

    Love the way you casually throw in the phrase “the local IMAX” Our local Imax is about thirty miles away.

  • skud's sister

    Yeah, but I am hundreds of miles from the National Gallery. And most of the shops in Bradford are either closed or Poundshops (apart from Waterstone’s which is still a thing of beauty).

  • Spizz

    five year mission ;-D

    • Skuds

      Five Year Mission indeed… I should know better. My only excuse is that I was probably writing hours after I should have been in bed!

  • Spizz

    I wanna see it this week!