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October 8th, 2005 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

No, not another Wallace & Gromit reference. Wensleydale is one of my favourite little corners of Crawley. Before the town was build there was a lot of forest around here, and when clearing the land for building, parts were left behind.

Although there are other places where a few large mature trees were left to mitigate the effects of building hundreds of houses, this place is special as it is a group of about three dozen trees. The place is swarming with crows and squirrels.

We were out canvassing there today, but I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of photos. It may not be a beauty spot to attract tourists or anything, but I have always thought it must be a brilliant thing to have in front of your house instead of a road.

I know it sounds unlikely, but even though its surrounded by houses on three sides and a busy road on the fourth, when you are in the middle of those trees, trying unsuccessfully to get a decent picture of squirrels or crows, you can almost forget you are in the middle of a town.

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