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Shopping trolleys. Again

March 25th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 1 Comment · Politics

No apologies for returning to the topic of shopping trolleys, or taking photos of them.

I spotted this while out canvassing this morning. Back in October we (a gang of Labour party members) went round the Courts estate of Broadfield rounding up abandoned trolleys and returning them to the shops.

I think I can remember removing three trolleys from exactly the same place back then, and now they are back.

Perhaps its where they want to be. We all know from supermarket experience that these things have a mind of their own sometimes. It could be that they have a rudimentary migratory instinct and seek out particular places, like salmon returning upstream.

Anyway, I also clocked the graffiti on the wall behind them. “people who tip are pigs”. It just tickles me that someone is upset about their environment being spoiled and decided to express that by spray-painting it on a brick wall. Is graffiti OK when it is ironic?

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  • brownie

    Dear Sir – may I suggest that this is in fact more a ‘community announcement’than a grafitti?.

    I believe trolleys should be discontinued as part of the obesity war.

    Without a trolley, idiots would not purchase great slabs of soft drink and huge bags of crisps.
    A hand held shopping bag confines one to the nutritional necessities.