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Thanks Marlon, Pards, and the rest

April 25th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 7 Comments · Life

Being the only Hammers fan in the building, it was great to come into work on a Monday morning and not have everyone taking the piss, but congratulating me for a change – as if I somehow did more than sit on the sofa watching Sky Sports for 90 minutes, then sit on the edge of the sofa for a further 5 minutes of injury time.

Maybe sport is just, like an old boss of mine used to say, an opiate for the masses to keep them distracted, but I don’t care just at the moment. If it is an opiate then book me for class A possession now!

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  • Rihard W. Symonds

    …or, as Orwell said : “Serious sport…is war minus the shooting”.

    Pity Ron Lyall didn’t see it.

  • Skuds

    You mean John Lyall.
    Or Ron Greenwood.

  • Richard W. Symonds

    My mistake – John Greenwood.

    Takes me back to Warren Mitchell et al…memories of an age of innocence…

  • Skuds

    If you really want a good footballing name, how about the Carlisle (I think) player who must be every sports announcer’s nightmare – Kenny Lunt.

    He seems to score every week and I keep waiting for the Sky Sports bloke to call him Lenny, but so far he has been careful.

  • Richard W. Symonds

    Before the “Sky Sports bloke” calls him a ‘runt’, I’d like to hear him repeat the name “Peggy Babcock” very quickly.

  • Just Jane

    Glad to see another Happy Hammers.

    I must admit to being staggered by what your lot have achieved this year. I remember loads of negative comments about Pardew from Hammers fans only this time last year. I wonder how the humble pie is for them 🙂

  • Skuds

    The pie is so ‘umble even Uriah Heep would gag on it.

    We all wanted Curbishley, except for those of us who thought Dowie would be more fun, and Pardew’s shakey start just made us more sure we were right, but its not turned out too bad in the end has it?