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Unite against fascists – some signs of life!

April 12th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · No Comments · Politics

I had a phone call this evening from a member of the Crawley Campaign Against Racism. Because of his position there, he often gets delivered stuff intended for the UAF and usually calls me about it. I thought this was going to be another of those phone calls, but it wasn’t.

It turns out that some CCAR people and other concerned citizens have met to discuss some co-ordinated action against the BNP in town, and they intend to meet again soon – on April 18th.

I am sure they would be only too happy for anyone who is at all interested to turn up – I will confirm the time and venue. It would be great to see some people who are not part of the usual political machinery turn up and get involved.

Talking of which, someone has organised to get a couple of thousand UAF/anti-fascist leaflets, but I don’t think they have decided exactly what to do with them yet (that is one of the objectives for the meeting, I believe). If anyone volunteered to take some to distribute in one of the areas where the BNP is standing I imagine they would be welcome to take some.

If all else fails, we will hand them out in the shopping parades in Furnace Green, Ifield, Southgate and West Green, like we did in the Town Centre before the general election – which was very well-received.

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