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April 17th, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 2 Comments · Politics

I may have lost a vote this afternoon, but if so I'm not bothered too much.  While I was out delivering my election addresses I had a chat with a couple of blokes who were outside their house.  There was a bit of good-natured banter about how I don't look like the photo on the address, and one of the men said "so we should vote for you then?" and, obviously I said it would be a good idea.

At that point he asked "so… do you agree with all these Paki's being over here then?"

I didn't really want to be delaying myself there too long, so I gave the answer "yes I do", pointed out how much I value those friends I have who are Asian (admittedly not many) and those members of my staff who are Asian.

He didn't seem too pleased to hear that the BNP are not standing in Pound Hill North, but I did get him to grudgingly admit that there is good and bad in all people.  I suspect he will be a non-voter.

Its a shame really, because he really did seem like a nice bloke otherwise.  Like he said – there's good and bad in all people.

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  • Neil Harding

    This sort fo attitide probably makes up a large percentage of attitudes of people who don’t vote. Probably more than we would like to admit.

  • elephunt

    On the very few occasions I’ve canvassed someone who states they will be voting BNP they’ve always been angry to the point of cardiac arrest-and always male. The anger isn’t focused on anything in particular but the target appears to be ‘you lot’ ,by which they mean mainstream politicians.Interestingly the BNP were not even standing in most of the areas I have encountered their supporters.

    After a few minutes of trying to disarm the tabloid myth or BNP porkies it becomes obvious that it’s a waste of time and I’d better go and canvass someone else.