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Crawley Town RIP?

May 31st, 2006 · Posted by Skuds in Life · 4 Comments · Life

If the local papers are to be believed, things are not looking good for Crawley Town. The owners are talking about going into administration and selling up. Even if someone buys the club and can afford to put a team out next season, we will be starting with a 10-point deduction for going into administration.

I don’t think our performance last year was so good that we can afford to give the rest of the Conference a 10-point head start.

Meanwhile, the Majeed brothers who bought the club last year are forking out on new 250mph sports cars, taking holidays, and opening up a new salon in Crawley. You do wonder why they bothered to buy the football club in the first place? Were they just intending to turn the bar into a nightspot?

It would be nice if the supporters could scrape together enough to buy the club, but I can’t see that happening. The least they can do is never cross the threshold of Ja Ja Bar, Lusso, Cubana, Rococo or any of the other businesses operated by the Majeeds’ SA Group and persuade their friends and neighbours to do likewise. I would boycott the places myself, but refusing to go to places I have never been to before anyway is a bit of an empty gesture.

I don’t suppose there is any chance of a local employer, perhaps a bearded, jumper wearing, millionaire airline operator for example, deciding to step in and try his hand at football? Their strip is in Virgin red & white…

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  • Danivon

    I have been to Ja Ja and Cubana, but since the wages fiasco of a couple of months back have avoided any Majeed establishment.

    There is the newly formed Supporter Trust…

  • Skuds

    Perhaps a few pickets wearing CTFC replica shirts would be in order?

  • Graisg

    That puts me in mind of the time when Nairn County FC nearly went down the pan. Not through the efforts of asset strippers but simply through lack of interest in the local population. A public meeting was held, new people came forward and 6 years later the club is in its strongest financial posistion for years and can manage a mid-table slot when we used to regularly compete with Fort William for the wooden spoon.
    The meeting was not getting off the ground at all until a retired minister Rev A. Gibson stood up and made an off the cuff 5 minute impassioned plea based on the opportunities that the club had offered his son (the loon went on to play for Aberdeen) and how it would be criminal to deny other young men in the town that chance if they had the skill and talent.
    I think myself if a club dies, a fair bit of a town’s identity dies and we need as much local identity as we can get in this world where we are all in danger of becoming simply faceless, thoughtless consumers.

  • Richard W. Symonds

    Persuade Virgin’s Richard to take over Crawley FC – re-name it Gatwick City FC – buy some talent – Premiership by 2010.