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West Crawley County Local Committee

January 16th, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 1 Comment · Politics

The next meeting of the West Crawley County Local Committee is to be held on Wednesday, 24th January at 7:00pm. This committee covers (if I remember rightly) Broadfield, Bewbush, Gossops Green, Ifield, Langley Green, West Green and Southgate.

The venue is the Holy Trinity School 6th form centre, Buckswood Drive, Gossops Green.

There is a slight whiff of futility about these meetings because the committee has very few powers to make decisions: it can only make recommendations or comments for the whole council to take into consideration when making the actual decisions. Added to that, the county council is Tory-dominated but the West Crawley Committee is 100% Labour – I think it is the only one in the county with more than one Labour member, as nearly all the Labour county councillors represent divisions in the West of Crawley.

Having said that, the committees were set up to solicit opinions and there is a chance that recommendations from it will be taken into account, especially if they are backed up by public opinion. Some of the agenda could be heavy going, but there are some important issues which are of particular interest to residents of this area.

The way I look at it, the county council have made an effort to set these meetings up in Crawley instead of being out of sight in Chichester, so the least we can do is try and turn up. If I did not have a previously-arranged piss-up to host I would be there myself.

Topics like the fire station, hot school meals, grant applications and the transport/highways works programmes should provide enough interest for the public, and I hope that the local papers will send someone along too. If nothing else, it is always good to see Ralph Wright from the highways department in action – he really should have been a politician instead of an officer.

The last one of these meetings I went to had very few members of the public in attendance, unless you count about 20 borough councillors. Lets see if we can get a few more this time around.

Items on the agenda include:


Developments since the last meeting, including the Northern area bookbus, the fire station, and hot school meals. Only 10 minutes is allocated to this, so expect a basic update and not a major discussion.

Public Questions

Any questions – although there is a request that anyone with complex questions should submit them before the meeting to allow them to give a more substantive answer.

Highways and transport works programme

This is all about a report on the programme of works for the next two years. The committee is to respond to the report. (The actual schedule is in an appendix to the report)

Community grants

Another report, this time about applications received for community grants.
Applications have been received from:

  • Chestnut Tree House
  • Crawley CVS
  • Crawley Audio News
  • 2nd Ifield St Margaret’s Scouts
  • Broadfield Youth & Community Centre
  • CTL Anglican Church
  • The Happy Hut Care Group

The committee will be considering each of these applications, and I think this is the bit where they actually can make a decision. The committee has a budget of £20,000 which can be allocated. Applications total £18,160 plus “a contribution” for the scouts, so they should all be OK, but I don’t know if they intend to hold onto anything for contingencies.

Minerals & waste development framework

Yet another report, this time about public consultation on the draft minerals and waste core strategy and strategic waste site allocations.

General information on county local committees can be found here, including full agendas, answers to frequently asked questions, and contact details for anyone who wants to know even more.

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  • Richard

    I went to one of these West Sussex CLC’s – at Gossops Green – to sample the delights of the ‘imported and esteamed’ hot meals.

    I was not invited by the WSCC – which is not altogether surprising – but sort of ‘unofficially gate-crashed’. The look of one WSCC official, when I introduced myself, was a picture !

    Anyway, WSCC-controlled CLC’s are just there, so Cunty (sorry, County) Hall are seen to be doing something – there is a strong “whiff of futility’ to the whole proceedings.

    West Sussex CLC’s also seem to be used by the likes of WSCC Highways Ralph Wright simply as a ‘platform’ to oust their propaganda on us.

    WSCC set the agenda – so it is more significant what isues are left out…

    What about the rather important issue of “Land W and NW of Crawley” (ie The ancient Parish of Ifield). What has happened to Ifield Golf Club ? Why is English Partnerships trying to build on the Ifield Village Conservation Area ?

    And I don’t ‘buy’ the argument that it is not the concern of WSCC. Of course it is. It is an issue which is ‘WSCC-led’ (with ‘Partners’). They created the Structure Plan for the area, for goodness sake.

    I won’t be going. It’s a waste of time. And I can’t hear what’s going on anyway.