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May 23rd, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 2 Comments · Politics

Worthing really does have all the interesting news these days. Earlier in the month there were the allegations of the Tories hijacking the local hospital campaign during the elections, and ow our old friend Mark McCarthy is back in the news.

Attentive readers might just remember Cllr McCarthy as the Worthing councillor who lived in London and was all over the papers when the paparazzi snapped him draped over a car bonnet outside Bouji’s nightclub. Previously he had been fined for drunk and disorderly conduct and had been excluded from the Tory group on the council – although he claims to have resigned – and now describes himself as Independent Conservative.

Well now he is going before his council’s standards committee as a result of his behaviour at last year’s mayor-making ceremony. The exact nature of the complaint is unknown because the council is keeping details of the offence secret and is likely to hold the proceedings in private. I can’t believe it is normal for such matters to be so hush-hush.

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  • Richard

    Worthing, eh ? I was born and brought up there – and only relatively recently found out it was called ‘The Munich of the South Coast’, owing to the fact that Mosley had his HQ there in Marine Parade : The West Sussex Fascists.

    Strange place…

    I had a very serious ‘falling out’ with the editor of Worthing Herald some years ago. He vowed never to print any of my submitted letters ever again…and no letter of mine submitted has ever appeared since !

  • skud's sister

    Year before last we had an ‘independant conservative’ candidate who had been chucked out of the real tories for swinging… allegedly. Bit racy for Queensbury and I’m sure nobody wants to swing with the BNP!