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September 25th, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Technology · 2 Comments · Technology

This is the least original thing I have written (and that is saying something!) because there are at least 224 other blogs saying the same thing – Chicken Yoghurt is keeping track.

I’m a bit sketchy on the details, but basically a couple of people (Tim of Bloggerheads and Clive of the UKtoday) wrote a couple of things about one of those Russian oligarchs which he took exception to. His response was not to get the posts he objected to removed but to get the whole websites removed.

Not only that, but Tim and Clive host some other blogs which also disappeared so we have been deprived of Craig Murray, Bob Piper and Boris Johnson for no other reason than the fact they were hosted at the same place. No point me linking to themas they don’t exist at the moment.

Instead of the (presumably) intended effect of removing negative publicity and scaring anyone else away from the subject the exact opposite has happened: a large number of web sites now feature posts about Alisher Usmanov, bringing the original comments to a much wider audience much more prominently.

It could all come to nothing, or it could be some sort of milestone case in the issue of free speech and Internet-related legislation. It can’t be right that some bloke with enough cash to hire a ruthless lawyer can get entire sites closed down because he doesn’t like a couple of comments, with the collateral damage of other sites being closed simply by association. There are several laws involved which I don’t really understand beyond knowing that they need to change.

Being the 225th person to chip in, there is really nothing I can add, except to point out that Alisher Usmanov is an anagram of “Harass in volume” and “Evil sour shaman“. Which is nice.

The 224 who beat me to it are:

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  • Graeme

    One slight correction: it was Craig Murray and one other blog that made the comment Usmanov did not like.

  • Skuds

    You are right of course. The scattergun approach by the lawyers makes it easier to get confused.

    You have to wonder – if someone said something nasty on a Blogger blog would they have got the whole of Blogger closed down? (Oh no.. of course.. the US has some more sensible laws about such things doesn’t it)