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November 17th, 2007 · Posted by Skuds in Work · No Comments · Work

My good deed for today was nothing more than persuading someone else to do a good deed, not that he took much persuading.  The Broadfield Community Centre was recently given a decent network colour laser printer.  Last week I wired it all up to their hub and then ran into a brick wall when I tried to actually get the computers to talk to it.

I asked one of our network support people at work if he would help out and he came along and waved his magic IT wand over everything.  My mistake was in trying to network the computers together – he just turned off DHCP on the printer, set its IP address to something high in the range the centre uses and used TCP/IP printing on it.

I'm more than a little rusty with all that stuff.  I think I would have cocked up the subnet mask if I had tried that myself, so three cheers for James for sorting it all out.

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