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False Alarm

January 28th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life · No Comments · Life

We got called out to the community centre today to try and shut off the fire alarms.  Actually Jayne got called and I tagged along in case I could help.

Figuring out the fire alarms there can be an interesting bit of problem-solving.  Today it was somebody from a church group who did all the right things to shut off the alarm but it kept showing an alarm in zone 2 – the social hall.   The break-glass thingy next to one fire exit was intact.  Next to the other fire exit is a push-glass thingy.  I dismantled that and it looked fine, so I put it back together again.  Still the alarms would not turn off, so we looked at the smoke detectors and then, in desperation we looked everywhere.

We even looked in the cupboard in case there was an alarm point there, which would be silly – and found one in there!   Back in the mists of time, before various bits of building the cupboard was not a cupboard and had a fire exit, which is now sealed up, and thus a break-glass thingy, with its glass broken.

It turned out that the church group had broken it while putting their gear away, and the offending item was a wooden cross.  I guess that makes it an act of God…


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