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June 18th, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Life/Work · 4 Comments · Life, Work

I am very tempted by this cycle2work scheme.  One thing that has put me off the idea of cycling to work is the state of my 20-year-old bike, which was only a cheap one when I bought it, and it saw 20 miles a day of cross-London commuting for several years.  Its a bit rusty and wobbly now, like its owner, and I wouldn’t really trust it on the hill where we live.

If I went to buy a new bike I know I would end up with the cheapest in the shop again – a bike is not my highest priority and they all look the same, so why fork out £300+ when there is something for £70?  That is the false economy I would probably make, but with this scheme you get a bike, plus accessories, and pay over 18 months, before tax.  For a higher-rate taxpayer than can work out at less than £15 a month for a really good bike – and you can save that much in petrol just by not driving to work.

The scheme my company is running expires at the end of next week so I’ll have to make my mind up quickly.   On the one hand its a real bargain, saves the planet a little bit, and would be good for whatever is left of my cardio-vascular system.  On the other hand… its going to be hard work on those hills,  a slightly longer journey, the chance of getting to work all sweaty – unless I get mowed down by a truck on the way.

It might be an excuse to start using the iRiver again though…  the more I weigh up the pros and cons the better it sounds.

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  • the heirophant

    Go for the bike.
    we recommend V-brakes, and high-pressure ‘Panracer’ tyres made with a Kevlar strip to reduce rolling resistance and minimise punctures.
    Omniscient road awareness can be more useful than a hi-vis jacket. Good luck.

  • janeskuds

    This scheme can save you up to 50% on a bike and is money off the government – so, win-win. We are being offered something similar at work but I think, given quite how hilly it is round here, I’ll stick with the bus option…

  • Skuds

    I’m going to have a look round Halfords after work and see what they have in the £200-£300 bracket probably.

    Letting the bus take the strain is probably a good idea in W.Yorks. I know you can see 80 year olds cycling away up there but you have to remember that you may have lived up North for a long time but you still have soft Southern genes.

  • janeskuds

    It’s my soft southern arse I worry about…