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Digital Glastonbury

July 1st, 2008 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

I saw the term ‘digital Glastonbury used at the Word website.   I think its an attempt to make staying at home and watching it on TV sound a bit more hip than it really is.  There are benefits to the ‘Digital Glastonbury’ of course: not having to queue for a chemical toilet, having a comfortable bed to look forward to at the end of the day and being able to see two bands who are playing different stages at the same time for a start.  There are some downsides to having the Glastonbury experience in your own home though.

In the real muddy field you will not be exposed to Zane Lowe and Edith Bowman every few minutes.  I quite like Zane and Edith, but I was fed up with seeing them by Sunday – and Rufus Hound.  The other drawback to the TV version is that you are at the mercy of the TV producers.  They do show some up-and-coming bands that you might not have heard of and could easily miss if you were there, but if you really would like to see a particular performance then its Sod’s law that will not be on the telly at all.

This year I would have liked to see Crowded House but didn’t. They were not even available on the red button or on the website. Apparently the BBC did show one song of theirs as soon as I went up for a shower so I missed it.  I also wanted to see Manu Chao: again not available on the website or the red button.  At least if I had been there in person I could have seen his whole set and not had several repeats of Elbow, Amy Winehouse or Massive Attack.

I enjoyed most of what I saw on TV though -  Jay-Z, the Raconteurs, the Ting Tings and so on.  I really can’t understand why so many people kept saying that Amy Winehouse put on a good performance though.  I only caught the end but it was embarrassing…  I would go on, but I just found out that the Manu Chao set is now available to see online.  Yesterday there were just some photos there, but now the video is there too.  Must see it in case it disappears.

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