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Cameron’s new plan

January 12th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 1 Comment · Politics

Having failed to excite anybody with his few, vague and contradictory policies, it appears that David Cameron now plans to rescue the country using a variation of the Pygmalion effect.  What he seems to be saying is that he does not need any policies because he will achieve success merely by winning an election.  His reasoning is that just a change of administration will help with confidence which will in turn encourage investment.  He seems to be advocating a placebo government.

Actually there is a bit of sense to all this in the short term, if you take football management as an example.   Just look at Spurs this season.  In their first 8 games they drew twice and lost six times, gaining a total of only two points.  They then sacked the manager, brought in Harry Redknapp, and before he even had a chance to get his feet under the table they won.  In fact in the next 8 games they won 5 times and got 16 points with the same players.

This is common. A football team is struggling and in a downward spiral, the manager is sacked and they win the next game, sometimes even before a new manager is appointed, with the same players.  It happened with Blackburn as well this season.

The trouble is everything reverts to type soon enough.  Spurs have only got two points from their last five games and are now back in the relegation zone, ((yes, OK, this is all an excuse to gloat about Spurs)) and markets that might react favourably to a regime change would soon wake up and notice if the Emperor had no clothes.

Given the choice between a pink medicine that might taste a bit nasty but will do the job and a bright blue placebo I think I will stick with what Dr. Brown is prescribing instead of Doctor Dave’s dubious homeopthic remedies.

Now… are there any more metaphors I have forgotten to mix?

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  • Hiro

    Cameron is such a light weight I am amazed he does not float. Mind you his mind probably does when he has a bit of “puff”
    He wants to help out the hard working people then backs down on his “hard working team” having secondary jobs (In most cases, take Maude for instance, who spends more time on directorships than in parliament) when they say no to giving them up….now there is “leadership”