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March 18th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Music · No Comments · Music

Flyer for the concert

Flyer for the concert

Apart from Metallica at the O2 this month, there is anotherconcert to look forward to this year: Spizzenergi‘s 30th anniversary gig at the 100 Club in May. (Advance tickets here for a tenner each)

Is it really thirty years ago that I trekked up from Basildon to go and see Siouxsie & the Banshees at the Chelmsford Odeon?   Back then tours had support bands you had actually heard of, and even if you hadn’t heard of them you knew there was a fair chance they would be headlining their own tour in a year or two, especially in the punk/new wave genres, and so it was more normal to turn up early enough to watch the support bands.

In this case the support band were the Cure and the second support was a band called Spizzenergi that I had sort of heard of.   They came on and I couldn’t make out a word of any of the songs except for something about Captain Kirk, but they sounded great and at the next opportunity I scoured the shelves of Godfrey’s the Chemist and Downtown Records in Basildon to pick up thier singles.

It only seems like a few years ago, but apparently it is a whole thirty years.  Good grief.

All the band members, with the exception of Spizz, have changed since then, but the current lot have been with him for ages now – two of them for 18 years and one for 13 – and they are an extremely tight band.  I’ll be there and recommend it to any other child of the 70s looking to recapture some of that 30-year-old excitement.

Having said that, I have seen plenty of young people at their shows who were totally blown away.

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