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April 27th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Music · 2 Comments · Music

Even better than listening to Tanzwut is reading the entry about them on Wikipedia: it is straight from the file marked couldn’t-make-it-up.

Tanzwut is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and medieval metal band composed of members from the folk band Corvus Corax.

Their name is the German term for “dancing mania”, but is directly translated with “dance rage”. Tanzwut are known for their heavy use of bagpipes, an unusual instrument for a metal band.

So let me see if I understand this…  a load of blokes from a folk band form an industrial/medieval metal band who decide to play heavy metal bagpipes. And they say Germans have no sense of humour!

Just love the understatement in the last line.

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  • skud's sister

    At least Wikipedia doesn’t have an actual category for medieval metal…

    • Skuds

      Oh yes it does! It says it is “a German subgenre of folk metal that blends hard rock or heavy metal music with medieval folk music.”

      It includes the vital information that “The medieval music of Corvus Corax has been described as “folk metal without metal.”

      So that would be… umm.. folk then?