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Is de-selection the answer?

May 10th, 2009 · Posted by Skuds in Politics · 1 Comment · Politics

A lot of normal Labour party members have been talking about whether de-selection is the answer for MPs caught with their fingers in the till, and I think Snowflake puts it very well, to the point of making further comment superfluous. ((but that won’t stop me adding a little))It is not an easy thing to do, as Snowflake point out:

It’s always hard for individual members to stand up at constituency party meetings to question the MPs. But they must do it if the Labour party is to survive with it’s reputation intact.

All academic in my own case as my own MP, Laura Moffatt, is quite frugal and a lot more in touch with the mood of her local party and constituents than, say, Barbara Follett appears to be, but I would hope that if that was not the case we would have the guts to do what other constituencies should be considering – on all sides of the house.

The right-leaning agitators who are selectively leaking details of Labour MPs before the official publication (and for a price) intend to stir up anti-Labour sentiment but are effectively stirring up a more general anti-politics sentiment which is ultimately to the detriment of all parties.

Those of us on the ground floor, knocking on doors and doing all the donkey work should not be made to feel ashamed of being engaged and involved.  We do not represent the (hopefully) few MPs who are systematically abusing the system, but represent those who have been most let down by them: our neighbours only pay for it through their taxes – we do that and give up our spare time and spare cash.

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